Welcome to Tapt,

At Tapt By Hatch, we’ve developed a business card that helps individuals expand their network and broaden their companies horizons by creating new and unique opportunities through contact exchange.

Integrated NFC and QR code technology allows for instantaneous contact exchange. Simply scan or tap to save your intended contact details into the relevant recipients phone. The days of lugging around wasteful paper business cards have passed. For the future, you just need one business card…

 This card!


The fast paced nature of today’s business world means we’re never quite sure when the next impromptu meeting or business encounter may be. With Tapt, your details join you at lunch, on the run and up the elevator! 

Tapt card holders rest assured knowing they have one durable card to share their contact information with anyone, anywhere.


Contact exchange in 2020 shouldn’t look the same way it did thirty years ago. In such times of heightened health concern, handing someone a business card is outdated and puts them in an uncomfortable situation to accept it. Keeping physical contact to a minimum shows respect for personal space and hygiene. Tapt cards facilitate this by providing a contact free transferral experience. It’s simple, just tap or scan to go!


At Tapt we take the preservation of the environment seriously and aim to sustain our zero impact waste level status. Tapt card’s are made from recycled plastic that’s environmentally sustainable. Gone are the days of inefficiently produced cardboard business cards.

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