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Tapt Custom - Tapt By Hatch
Tapt Custom - Tapt By Hatch
Tapt Custom

Tapt Custom

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Individualise your card with Tapt Custom.

Electing to customise allows you to change both the colour and fonts of your card, on both sides! Users can upload their own artwork to present a unique logo. Customisation allows for companies and personal brands to proudly display their branding and chosen contact details.

Click here to download our design template.

Tapt Business Card's include a $10.00 renewal fee due every 12 months. You will receive a payment link and won't be charged automatically.

For all larger order quantities, please contact us at support@taptbyhatch.com

Simple Steps to Begin with Tapt:

Purchase a Tapt Card here and receive your card’s profile login credentials.

Open the email and follow the clear instructions on how to set up you new card/s

Enter your personalised Tapt profile dashboard to select your card engravings and edit your card’s contact details.

How long will my order take?

At Tapt By Hatch, we pride ourselves on customer service and a swift turnaround time. Generally, we aim to have orders delivered within the fortnight however turnaround time is subject to the order quantity and order type.

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